Mission and Vision Statement

    Our Mission Statement

    The Mission of Dominion Broadcasting WLMB-TV 40 is to provide Christ-centered television of high technical quality and programming excellence to uplift, unite, educate, challenge, and encourage viewers in a manner consistent with the teachings of God's Word.

    Our Vision Statement

    Building on the foundation of the Mission Statement, WLMB-TV 40 strives to:

    • Communicate the redemptive love of Jesus Christ through an authentic Christian witness.
    • Strengthen new Christians through programming which assists in the discipleship process.
    • Edify and educate all Christians to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ and expand their knowledge of God's Word.
    • Comfort and encourage all people in need.
    • Encourage racial and ethnic reconciliation in the community.
    • Offer corporate and individual worship opportunities.
    • Inform and educate viewers about Christian ministries and outreach efforts worldwide.
    • Produce local general-interest, public-service and public-affairs programming.
    • Unify believers in Jesus Christ while strengthening local churches.