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Watching WLMB by antenna is perhaps the best way to watch this station. With new Digital TV technology, you receive perfect digital quality pictures and audio and perhaps best of all there are no monthly subscription costs.  However, without the proper antennas and antenna placement, watching WLMB by antenna may be very choppy or possibly not even an option.  Also, the farther away your home or business is from our transmitter, the harder and more expensive the initial set up costs can become to receive a quality digital WLMB signal. (Click here for transmitter location map)

For viewers in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, it is our goal to offer you tips and suggestions that will help you walk through the process to have an enjoyable free, over-the-air WLMB viewing experience. However, the challenge to helping everyone receive free over the air TV is that everyone's situation can be very different. As a result, there may be no easy answer or standard formula as to the best way to watch WLMB in your location by antenna. Since everyone's situation is unique and there are many factors (both small and large) that can greatly affect your reception, please read all the tips and suggestions offered on this website for your best chances to receive WLMB.
Since the new, government-mandated switch to Digital TV (DTV) on June 13, 2009, many viewers have enjoyed the switch to DTV and the reception of WLMB has taken very little trouble and effort.  For other viewers, switching to DTV can be frustrating, time consuming, and possibly costly. If after taking all the necessary steps you find you are not able to acquire a strong enough WLMB signal to watch a quality picture, then we recommend you visit our cable, satellite, and online viewing options.

For further assistance to receive WLMB by antenna, you may contact or call WLMB's engineering department at (419) 720-9562.