WLMB Reception FAQ's

    Is WLMB currently broadcasting at full power?

    Yes, WLMB has been broadcasting its digital signal since January 2005 and is broadcasting at 100% of its licensed power.

    Is there a problem with WLMB’s transmitter or will it be upgraded to broadcast stronger?
    No. WLMB’s transmitter is meeting and surpassing all FCC requirements as well as maximizing our FCC licensed power output.

    Why can’t I get WLMB on my TV or converter box by using an antenna?
    It is hard to say exactly why you may be having problems receiving WLMB’s digital signal; however, here are a couple issues to consider that may help you receive WLMB.

    Antenna – The licensed frequency for WLMB (Channel 5) is a low band VHF frequency. This means that you will need a VHF antenna in order to receive WLMB. It is not necessary to have a new "DTV antenna" in order to receive WLMB.  For more information on what antenna to use, visit http://www.antennaweb.org.

    Transmitter Location – Although WLMB’s offices are located in Toledo, OH, the broadcast signal actually comes from Jasper, MI (a small town located about 11 miles south of Adrian, MI), and it will likely be necessary to point your antenna in that direction to receive WLMB.

    Channel Scans – Sometimes it is necessary to do multiple channel scans on your TV or converter box with your antenna in different positions to receive all the different television stations available including WLMB.

    WLMB’s DTV channel assignment – Although once you receive WLMB it will show as 40-1 on your TV, it is actually being broadcast on channel 5. The nature of DTV allows stations to broadcast on one channel yet appear with a different number on your TV or converter box. This is called “channel mapping.”  Many Digital TV’s and converter boxes come with a signal strength meter so you can see how strong the signal is on a specific channel. Many people use this feature to see how they need to move their antenna in order to get the strongest signal. It is important to realize that until you have received WLMB digitally for the first time, you will need to tune your converter box to channel 5-1 and then monitor the signal strength. Once you receive WLMB, it will automatically “channel map” and show up on your TV as channel 40-1.