WLMB Viewer Testimonies

    Letters & E-mails

    “I watch WLMB everyday! I am so blessed by this station and thankful to be able to watch this in my home… the programs have touched my life on a daily basis! I have been off work the past two years and WLMB has been there for me with uplifting programs along with God’s Word every day! Thank you!”
    Toledo, OH

    “WLMB’s programming has enriched my daily walk with the Lord. Daily I watch WLMB and receive teaching and Biblical guidance through their programs. I am so thankful for the programs… that speak the truth of God’s Word into my life.”
    Rossford, OH

    "I recently became a soldier of Christ and now spend alot of time watching many of your programs on WLMB...I really enjoy the majority of your programming and want you to know I am truely blessed and your station helps me grow spiritually with all it's great programming."
    Parr Highway Correctional Facility in Adrian, MI

    "I am a senior citizen - 82 years old - with health problems, so very seldom get out to church (though I'd love to be there), and WLMB's good Christian services do mean so much to me."
    Toledo, OH

    "I have been sick as of late. I lack the strength to go to church this Easter morning. Thank you God for TV where I can hear your messages everyday!! Thank you to WLMB!"
    Wauseon, OH

    "Thank you for being there for me. I'm alone and you are so much company to me and such a blessing. I have watched since day one."

    Morenci, MI

    "Thank you for your wonderful programs and many blessings! I am enclosing...my first time pledge in response to your wonderful program with Craig Miller. It was so good. My family needs it...to help all of us."
    Adrian, MI

    "Do enjoy many of the programs. Thank you for being on the air 24/7. Some nights when sleep does not come, the music helps calm the spirit."


    "I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated your station over the last few years...I will always keep you and your works in my prayers. May God continue to bless you and give you the opportunity to spread the glorious word of Christ crucified."
    Gus Harrison Correctional Facility in Adrian, MI

    "I just got done watching Pastor's Point ... I just want to tell you thanks a lot for having that on the air. I really agree with what the gentleman was saying and it really helped me out a lot. Appreciate it. Thank you."

    "I'm at the Correctional Facility in Adrian. I watch TV 40 quite a bit. I enjoy the Word of God that I hear on there...In the printout it talks about a free monthly program guide. This will help me find the shows I like to watch and help my growth in Christ."

    Parr Highway Correctional Facility in Adrian, MI

    "Thank you for providing the uplifting, soul-nourishing, programming."
    Rossford, OH

    "It is truly a blessing to have shows that teach others about the Lord and inspire others to do His will and help others do the same. I thank God for using you to help me become a better person each and everyday through these wonderful shows!"

    "We want you to know how much we appreciate your television station...We appreciate the programming that ministers to us so much. It's so nice to be able to have a channel that is decent to watch. When others are in our home, we don't have to be embarrassed by the language and content that are on the other channels."
    -Dave and Jane
    Rudolph, OH

    "I just want to say thank you for being there on the airwaves, with the message of Jesus Christ. I enjoy all the programming and the ministries that are aired. I want to give praise to the Lord because my life has turned around."
    Toledo, OH

    "I don't watch much TV because there is nothing good enough to watch and I do not have Cable. But one day I discovered WLMB-TV 40 and was so excited to find a Christian station. I really do appreciate you, your station, and programming. Thank you so much for being there. Your rewards will be great."
    Stryker, OH

    "We appreciate the type of programs you have on your station. It is refreshing to be able to sit down and enjoy a program or movie without violence or bad language. There is something to be said about the simple humor that doesn't offend or put someone else down. It is also nice to have a good plot that you can learn and grow from."
    -Paul and Lydia
    Upper Sandusky, OH

    "I also want to thank you at WLMB for your prayers and the broadcasting of all your Christian programs. They continue to help me in my Christian walk and I have been going to church."
    Toledo, OH

    "God Bless you WLMB...Since my husbands death your station has played a very important part in my daily life in more ways than one. March on WLMB."
    Monroe, MI

    "I want to thank you for WLMB. There is no Christian TV where I live. I only see WLMB when I come down to visit my mother. I look forward to it because God always uses the programs...to boost my spiritual growth."
    Munith, MI

    “Dear Christian Friends,
    So enjoy your program selections on WLMB. It’s such a joy to hear the beautiful music and the Gospel message as it has been such a part of my life over the years."

    McClure, OH

    "I am a truck driver and I'm up here quite a bit. I enjoy your programs, especially Little House on the Prairie. Anyway, your doing a good job. God bless you and that is our prayer."
    Granite Falls, NC

    “We love having your channel on T.V. Today, it is hard to watch T.V. because there is so much bad language and bad morals on a lot of other channels. Keep up your shows and programs!”

    -Karen & Louie
    Findlay, OH

    "Dear WLMB,
    "You’ve helped me through a very hard past four years… I was depressed and close to taking my own life. I felt there was no where to go… I found out otherwise and the beginning came when I called the Prayer Force. That Lady on the WLMB Prayer Force helped me get on the right track. Thank you all so much."

    Swanton, OH