Vincent Fell (11:22)
Toledo, OH

Salvation story after watching
WLMB during a Telethon where
he "pledged his life to Christ."
Sue Jurrus (6:48)
Toledo, OH

When partying left Sue lonely
& depressed, she found WLMB
and committed her life to Christ.
Jimmy Sites Interview (2:57)
Story of Bowling Green, OH Man

God used a WLMB outdoors TV
program to save a suicidal man's
life both physically & spiritually.
Gary Kempf (11:08)
Tecumseh, MI

Gary is with the Lord now, but
he tells of how he was saved by
watching WLMB one night.
Elliot Wright (11:03)
Toledo, OH

Now with the Lord, Elliot shares
how WLMB was critical to help
him and his wife start a ministry.
Pastor Keith Stepp (1:21)
Testimony about a Toledo family

Keith Stepp shares how a family
in his congregation was radically
transformed thanks to WLMB.
Cherie Urbina (0:45)
Swanton, OH

Hitting a low spot and feeling
depressed, Cherie found WLMB
critical to turning her life around.
Josh Heaston (9:28)
Toledo, OH

After Josh's salvation, he would
often find encouragement and
discipleship through WLMB.
Jim Hill (1:28)
Haskins, OH

WLMB was there for Jim after he
lost his wife & became a source
of great encouragement to him.
Tiffany Colter (5:41)
Riga, MI

WLMB helped save her marriage
and turn her life around during
some very difficult times in life.