Make a Donation Now to Help WLMB Change Lives!
During WLMB's 15th Annual Spring Share-a-thon, we are asking you to respond and help us meet our 2014 operational needs. This will help sustain our broadcast operations that so many have been changed by and depend on each day to grow in their walk with Christ. WLMB must raise $240,000 during our 15th Annual Spring Share-A-Thon to sustain WLMB’s Core Ministry of broadcasting the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan? With your help, we are confident that we can reach 100% of this goal. 

Best Ways to Give
1. Click the green donate button at the top or bottom of this page.

2. Call the offices at (419) 720 -9562 on weekdays between 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM or 1-800-218-5740 during the live Share-a-thon broadcasts.

3. Send a check or money order to: 
    WLMB-TV 40
    825 Capital Commons Dr.
    Toledo, OH 43615

Every 50 dollar gift helps WLMB broadcast one-hour of programming to our entire viewing area. And, consider the difference you make when you support multiple hours with a special one-time year end gift to deliver 3, 6, 12 or more hours of Christ-centered programs to our entire viewing area. Or, you can really multiply your impact with a monthly pledge of 25, 50, or 100 dollars per month over the next 12 months.

Through your partnership in this critical season, with a generous monthly pledge or special one-time, year-end gift, you are helping to keep WLMB’s core ministry of local, life changing television always there for those in need. 

Special Thank You Gifts
With a gift of any amount you will receive the special edition 15th Anniversary Blue Ink Pen with black velvet pen sleeve. And, with a gift of $25 per month for the next 12 months, or a $300 one time year-end gift or more, WLMB will also send you the the God's Wisdom for Your Every Need Book along with the WLMB Anniversary Pen. At the $50 per month level for the next 12 months, or a one-time gift of $600, we would like to send you a WLMB 42" Auto-Open Folding Umbrella ,God's Wisdom Book, and Anniversary Pen. At the Day Sponsor level for a gift of $1,200, or a 12 month pledge of $100, we would like to send you all of the Thank you gifts offered. Plus, you will receive an opportunity to have a special "TV spot" that will air several times on your chosen day that is "in honor of," in memory of," or to say "happy birthday," or "happy anniversary." Also, as a bonus for those making their very first gift to WLMB ever, we would like to send you a Bonus "God of Wonders" DVD Thank You Gift as our way of welcoming you to the WLMB family.            

  • Popular Suggested One-Time Gifts
    •   $25 provides 1/2 hour of programming
    •   $50 provides   1 hour of programming
    •   $100 provides   2 hours of programming
    • $150 provides   3 hours of programming
    • $300 provides   6 hours of programming
    • $6000 provides 12 hours of programming
    • $1,200 provides 24 hours of progamming (Day Sponsor)
  • Popular Suggested Monthly Gifts for the next 12 months
    •   $25 provides   6 hours of programming
    •   $50 provides 12 hours of programming
    •   $75 provides 18 hours of programming
    •   $100 provides 24 hours of programming (Day Sponsor)
    • $150 provides 36 hours of programming (Day Sponsor)

When we work together, we can keep WLMB’s local, life-changing television always there for those in need. Thank you.