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Advertise on WLMB

If you are a business interested in advertising on WLMB-TV 40, contact us today! Advertising your business on WLMB has been just what many clients needed to jump-start their businesses. It is a great way to introduce yourself to new clients. Try us out today. If you do not already have a commercial produced for your business, then have WLMB’s award winning production team put together a spot for you. A number of commercials produced by WLMB have won awards (2015 and 2010 Bronze Telly Award, NRB People’s Choice Awards) and our clients are satisfied with the quality and value they receive for the low cost commercial production pricing. Call to have your spot made by the commercial production team at WLMB today. Get all the details to get started with WLMB including all our special introductory packages and flexible options to suit your needs and budget.

Email Account Executive Scott Zaborowski today to get started!

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