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We must close the


WLMB is thankful for the many gifts that have come in and the hundreds of prayer requests that were prayed over the course of the WLMB 25th Annual Spring Share-a-thon from April 1-12th. WLMB drew our Spring Share-a-thon to a close on April 12th with $163,510 raised of our $300,000 goal, which is just over 54.5%. After much prayer and consideration about what next steps WLMB needs to take, we have decided to have a positive response to a negative situation. 


Therefore, WLMB is going to be airing a Spring Share-a-thon II beginning Monday, April 29th to help us close the gap. However, this Share-a-thon will largely be keeping most of our regular programming intact and we will be fundraising live during some commercial breaks, during our afternoon Gaither broadcasts, and prerecording messages to let you know how we are progressing toward completing our $300,000 goal. When met, this goal will allow us to continue providing all your favorite family and ministry programs you enjoy watching. For more details about our $300,000 Spring Share-a-thon goal, click on the link to the March/April Newsletter from our President and CEO, Jamey Schmitz.


We would strongly encourage you to pray for WLMB’s financial shortfall and to tell your friends and family about how they can support WLMB at this time. We are also making a special Thank You Gift offer (see thank you gift offers below) as our way of welcoming brand-new supporters to the ministry of WLMB. You may donate online now by clicking below to go to our donate page on our website or you may call the PrayerForce between business hours of 8-5 M-F at 1-800-218-5740. We also will read all pledges submitted online or over the phone during our live broadcast updates to help encourage others to give. We appreciate all your gifts during this important season of transition to our Channel 35 broadcast signal, which we believe will be completed before the end of August 2024. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your support that helps fully fund and sustain the ministry as we are on the cusp of unlocking an exciting new season of ministry and greater outreach like never before.

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Thank you Gifts

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